“ there is some one for me”

Activity code A000240

Project food & nutritution

Volunteer G. mallesu

Need in a great need of food

Beneficiaries A.lakshmi( a deaf and dumb woman), p. lakshminarasamna(an old orphan)

Laasa’s support provided food provisions

Location poosarlapadu village, garamandal, srikakulam.

Service arises out of one’s yearning to win divine grace. The purpose of selfless service is to alleviate someone’s pain and distress. Laasa emphasises that while helping those who are physically suffering we must also try to transform them mentally and spiritually. Laasa says that it is important to help the afflicted person cultivate good thoughts, actions and habits necessary to fight off the evil tendencies, which are the root cause of suffering.

Service is not only about helping others. The goal of selfless service is also to bring about our own spiritual transformation.

With this great text in his heart our volunteer g. mallesu extended laasa 100 days food project to a. lakshmi ( a deaf and dumb woman), p. lakshimarasmma(an old orphan) at poosarlapadu village, garamandal, srikakulam.

Laasa supports any needy only for one single objective that is the needy must feel “ there is some or me”.