Response into actions

Activity code A000239

Project food & nutritution

Volunteer S.venu

Need sterving hard for food

Beneficaries A.swami and ramalaxmi (needy leprosy patients)

Laasa’s support provided food provisions

Location poosarlapadu village, gara mandal, srikakulam, district.

God is the sole refuge for the destitute and the forlorn. As the human being is the embodiment of God, it is his or her primary duty to help the destitute and the forlorn. Selfless service must be directed towards the re­moval of physical distress, the alleviation of men­tal agony and the fulfilment of spiritual yearning.

Our laasa’s objective is this to get true blessh. Our volunteer mr s. venu extended the laasa support to a. swami and ramaxami ( deserving leprosy patients) at poosarlapadu village, gara mandal, srikakulam. Many of us will have a good quality of responding to the good but our response may stop with thoughts and some one response may stop with words, only a few will have the fortune to put our response into actions.

Laasa is an instrument which provides the ability to put over good response into actions as a good act we the laasa provided 100 day food project to the above mentioned patients blessing the volunteer to have his response into actions