The two forms of SERVICE


Project:Medical Assistance (Medicines & Hospitalization Aid)
Volunteer:I.Ramanna and T.Murali Krishna
Need:A poor and needy family
LAASA’s Solution:Provide Medical Assistance to the 3 family members as required
Beneficiaries:S.Sanjeev Rao and family
Location:Polaki Mandal, Srikakulam Dist., AP.

If some kind of hurt or harm is caused to others, we should make an attempt to help them by doing some service. It is not only by work and by keeping our surroundings clean that you can do service. You can do service by your words as well. With a good word, you can soothe their hearts and by doing good deeds you can soothe their minds. Therefore, by using good words and doing good work, you will give comfort to others and this is good service. Service does not mean helping with hands alone. Talk softly and sweetly. Speak good words. That is also a form of service.

Our volunteers I.Ramanna and T.MuraliKrishna have identified a family which is in dire need. S.SanjeevRao(aged 70+) undergone surgery but failed, his wife was also sick and his 30 year old son was suffering with spinal cord problem. This family could not afford even for medicine. LAASA provided medical assistance to this needy family at Polaki Mandal, Srikakulam Dist., AP.

LAASA as a back-bone provided physical and mental strength with love through good deeds and good words to this needy family.