Shine on this globe

Activity code A000243

Project provided food and medicine

Volunteer G.Jagannadharao

Need in a great need of food and medicine

Beneficiaries D.prakash and his family ( a poor and needy paralysed patient)

Laasa’s support provided food and medicine

Location Arivola, vishakapatanam

The path of service is superior to all the spiri­tual practises like japa (recitation), dhyāna (med­itation) and yoga. Only through service you can please God.Know that sevā (selfless service) is a better form of sādhanā (spiritual discipline) doing good is nothing pleasing god being good is nothing but becoming god. Indeed the good is the source to notice and reach the god the god is present within us and in each one of us our heart blossoms when we utter a self less service to any needy.

Our volunteer mr. g.jagannadharao & team noticed and extended the support of laasa ( food and medicine) d. prakash and his family ( a poor and needy paralysed patient) at arivola, vishakapatanam.

This patient was early a tailor and bread winner of his house suddenly he was paralysied and the earning stoped. His wife was totally engaged in his service and could n’t go out and even couldn’t little food. His two little children were suffering a lot with this domestic conditions. Laasa lovingly provided medicine to this patient and provided food to this family stars may shine in the sky, but laasa volunteeiners shine on this globe.