Serve the most needy


Project:Medical Assistance (Medicines &Hospitilization Aid)

Volunteer:Raghu Sura

Need:A poor and deserving woman suffering from paralysis

LAASA’s Solution:Provided medical assistance


Location:Badurlapeta, Srikakulam, AP.

The individual lives in society and derives happiness from it. Society is part of a larger com­munity and communities together form a nation. Thus, the individual’s happiness depends on the welfare of the society, the community and the nation he or she lives in. The duty of every individual, therefore, is to render selfless service for promoting the common welfare of society.Service should be offered to those who are less fortunate than us and without judging them. The weak, the distressed and the destitute are the ones who need our service the most.

With such an intention to serve the society, our volunteer Mr.RaghuSura has identified a poor and needy patient Mrs.P.JayaLakshmi w/o PandithaKoteswaraRao. Jayalakshmi is a paralysis patient and was not consulted to doctor due to their poverty. LAASA provided Medical Assistance this deserving woman at Badurlapeta, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh.

How­ever, in rendering service to such persons, we should not feel that we are serving “others”. We must practice selfless service with a feeling that we are serving the Lord who dwells in all.