Quality of purity(Satva-guna)


Project:Food & Nutrition (Including 100 Day Food Programme)


Need:2 poor and needy orphan children

LAASA’s Solution:Provided food and nutrition under 100 day food programme

Beneficiaries:V.Sanyasiamma and V.Saraswati

Location:Pattikayalavalasa Village, Laveru Mandal, Srikakulam Dist., AP.

The mind, according to the scriptures, is the cause of a person’s bondage or liberation. The mind has three qualities: tamas(sloth and in­action), rajas (passion) and satva(purity). Those who are endowed with tamo-guna(qualities of sloth and inaction) are overcome by the darkness of ignorance and so they grope about not knowing what is right and what is wrong. Those with rajo-guna(quality of passion) will be engaged in acts tarnished with a tinge of ego. They may have the urge to do service to others, but that urge will drive them on to win fame and take pride in their achievements. They will yearn for their own good, along with the good of others. Satva-guna(quality of purity) is steady, pure, unselfish, light. So those who have this charac­teristic will have no wish or want. They will be fit for the knowledge of Atma.

With this knowledge, our volunteer DannanaGollababu came forward to serve V.Sanyasamma and V.Saraswati. Sanyasamma and Saraswati are granddaughters of V.Tavitamma who was earlier served by LAASA. Tavitamma passed away recently which left these children alone. LAASA provided food and nutrition to these orphan kids under 100 day food program at Pattikayalavalasa village, Laveru Mandal, Srikakulam Dist., AP.

The saatvic(pure) quality makes a person see good even in a bad person or object. The saatvicperson sees God in the whole cosmos and fosters the godly approach to creation.