Wave of service


Project:Food & Nutrition (Including 100 Day Food Programme)


Need:2 poor and needy women

LAASA’s Solution:Provided food under 100 day food program

Beneficiaries:KarraVisalakshi and KarraRajyaLakshmi

Location:Housing Board Colony, Srikakulam, AP

Do not allow the desire for ostentation to en­ter the mind. Do not allow egoism to approach you. Be humble and be loyal to high ideals. Then only can you serve the cause of world peace and prosperity. “Shreyastevishwashreyaḥ”. It is only when the individual succeeds in being good that the world too can become good. One who is eager to be a real student must place before himself or herself the ideal of world peace and prosperity. He or she has to be unpretentious. That person must vow to be of service to others.

With egoless and selfless thought, our volunteer GantiSuryaRaohas identified KarraVisalakshi(80) and KarraRajyalakshmi(35) at Housing Board Colony, Srikakulam, AP. These two women are widows and there is no one to support this family. LAASA provided food and nutrition under 100 day food program to these poor and needy women.

A wave of service, if it sweeps over the land catching everyone in its enthusiasm, will be able to wipe off the mounds of hatred, malice and greed that infest the world.