Surrender Thyself

Project:Medical Assistance
Volunteer:AnemiJeevan Rao
Need:A poor old manwho has a dire need for Neurology treatment.
LAASA’s Solution:Provide necessary medical assistance for at least 2 months
Location:Arasavalli, Srikakulam

“The main impediment of many seekers in the path is that they want to surrender. Don’t say that you want to surrender; know that you already are surrendered.Wanting to surrender becomes an impediment on the path. This is like a child saying to the mother, “ I want to love you.” No child ever tells the mother,” I want to love you”, love is evident there.Surrender is not an act; it is a state of your being. Whether you acknowledge it or not, it is there. The wise wake up and see, the unwise take a longer time.

Know that you have no choice, you are in a state of surrender deep within you….”

– Anonymous

Do not Surrender to the worldly matters but thyself. Thereby understanding the true value of life. LAASA salutes its volunteer AnemiJeevanRao who has identified AmalapurapuJaggarao in the Aravalli village of Srikakulam town who is a physically challenged Neuroligical patient who needs treatment in the NIMS hospital, LAASA provided the necessary medical assistance for his medicinal requirements and extended it support for two months. As always LAASA is to Love all and Serve All to infinity and beyond.