God – The Solution to every problem

Project:Medical Assistance
Volunteer:Jallepalli Krishna Rao
Need:A poor old woman paralyzed and unable to work even for her food.
LAASA’s Solution:Provide necessary medical assistance
Beneficiaries:Panditha Jayalakshmi
Location:Collector Office Road, Srikakulam

“There is no problem that cannot be solved. When you have a problem that you think cannot be solved, you have accepted it. Then it is no longer a problem but a fact. Suppose you think it is a problem that the ocean in Norway is too cold. Obviously, you cannot heat the ocean so it cannot be changed, you accept it and it is no longer a problem. Only when you are searching for a solution is there a problem. Thus there is no problem that cannot be solved. The moment you realize there is no solution, a problem ceases to be a problem.

The solution is the tail of every problem. Solutions come to you when you are calm and centered, and when you have strong faith in divine law…”

– Anonymous

When every destination seems blurred, when every path seems dark, when every force holds you back, when every person leaves you…, and even in such hardships, when you hope that some supernatural supreme being will hold your hand and walks with a lamp to show the path and makes your reach the destiny, that’s when God – the divine being manifests into some mysterious form to help and guide you.

LAASA salutes its volunteer Jallepalli Krishna Raowho has identified Panditha Jayalakshmi in the Collector Office Road suburbs of Srikakulam town who was paralyzed since a long time and her family so poor to take care of her health, LAASA provided the necessary medical assistance for her monthly medicinal requirements. As always LAASA is to Love all and Serve All to infinity and beyond.