Code : A000509
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Ippili Murali Krishna
Benificiaries : Karigi Asiramma
Need : A poor old woman need food & nutrition
Location : Ponnada Village , Srikakulam
Title : If you are the love
Egoism is that nature can undermine your efficiency as a Dal member; it will certainly undermine your spiritual progress. The sense of ‘I ‘and ‘MINE’ grows out of the ignorance. It can be noticed with good awareness that can be happened only with good thought and deed having this unique essence in heart, our volunteer I MURALI KRISHNA came forward to extent LAASA food support to deserving old orphan woman
kargi asiramma aged 75 leading her life alone in a little hut at ponnada village. she is filling her stomach by begging rice in this pathetic condition LAASA is moved and supported her by providing food provisions
If you are a lover you can love one or two but, if you are the love you can locve3 the whole universe. Making your space to broad that everyone and any one may fit in it. For this we need a simple formula that is ……