Code : A000510
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Gadili Mallesu
Benificiaries : Aravala Lakshmi and 2 others
Need : A poor old woman’s need food & nutrition
Location :Poosarlapadu village ,Gara manadalam ,Srikakulam
Title : unwritten slogan
God receives your seva to whomever you may offer it. Do not be sad that you have been posted on some duty that keeps you far from God. Known that I am nearest to God is who calls on God and sees god in all beings . First try to cultivate feeling love with all things and with all men you deal with them instantly your job will turn to worship here is such a job rendered by LAASA under food & nutrition project through our volunteer gadili mallesu . mr aravala ramarao, who died recently has a 33-year-old daughter aravala lakshmi, who is deaf and dumb. she is very deserving and living in poosarlapadu vil, gara mandal. pitta lakshminarasamma, age 70 wife of late pitta papayya is living most down trodden conditions at poosarlapadu vil, Sri pitta ramulu, aged 77, who is old and sick, has no one to take care and leading life most miserable condition. We The LAASA as a mother feed these deserving persons with our love and care.
At our door steps there is an unwritten slogan which welcomes every heart probably that is the unique quote we could say if we could could really follow it all sorrows problems and conflux will vanish and the globe will woven round the peace. That we thoroughly believe in that is …… LOVE ALL AND SERVE ALL

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