Code : A000508
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Hemalatha V
Benificiaries : B Mani
Need : A Poor woman need medical assistance
Location : Elluru
Man is endowed with the equipment of senses, reason, feelings, passions, detachment so that he may keep away from the enticement of pleasures and spend his life in helping, serving and saving his fellow men. Probably this the ultimate truth of one’s life. Keeping this in view our volunteer Hemalatha v feel responsible to provide support to an HIV patient with the immense support of LAASA .Battula.Mani,40 years old suffering from HIV. She is living at Eluru town, West Godavari District, A.P. she worked as a tailor now a days she is unable to do her work because of her health problems. Battula.Laxmi, 70 years old, her mother in law. She is also depend on Battula. Mani as they were unable to lead their lives. LAASA came forward to support food and medicine.
Fragrance attracts the mind, scenery attracts the vision the good deed attracts good people LAASA is all about this thing we fell that good is GOD at our abode. Here the worshiper is the god and the receiver is also the god. The worshipping is just the love