Code : A000511
Project : Food & Nutition Assistance
Volunteer : Challa YarramNaidu
Benificiaries : Anupu Mahesh
Need : A poor patient need Food & nutrition support
Location : Chinnabaratam Street , Srikakulam
Title : Shower our love upon the sufferers
Start the day with love fill the day with love spend the day with love and end the day with love this will really meaning full of the day new spend every day is a special and a fresh one if we could realise it and fill it with good deeds doing everything with a smile will take our heart another mile ahead in the path of joy .Tasting such joy LAASA provided food & nutrition assistance through our volunteer Mr challa yarramnaidu “”Anapu mahesh age 43 who had working earlier as a cook. now he is unable to move due to left leg thigh totally damaged. his wife ganga is the only bread winner of this house working as maid servant. Getting food has become so tough to this needy family in this pathetic conditions we the LAASA provided food provisions to this deserving people.
We shower our love upon the sufferers along with every one because there are on the cross roads of their lives when conditions turn upside down LAASA tries to uphold the issue and gives the courage to face and fight it with one hope we do all these ……….