Code : A000514
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Deepthi Godavarthi
Benificiaries : Palaka Uma Maheswara Rao
Need : A Poor deserving student need educational assistance
Location : Baleru , Bhamini Mandalam
Title : Inner beauty
The responsibilities of the volunteers are of a high order. It has to lead the members, and through them all mankind, along the path of spiritual discipline which takes the individual from the position ‘ I ‘ to the position ‘ WE ‘. The thought of unity is the prime factor which allows us to growth intensively and institutionally oneness is always the winning motto we may do many things but our under current is the love which flows in all phases of our functionality with this love we LAASA rendered educational assistance service project through our Mrs deepthi godavarthi.
Palaka uma maheswara rao age-18, baleru bhamini mandalam srikakulam district. This student belongs a very poor and needy family. He lost his father and mother working as a kooli. Now he is undergoing drawing t t c programme at kakinada. He has no money even for food and for purchase of material. To this deserving student we LAASA assisted for study material and others
All the time we see the outside world and feel colourful let us think of once that how many times to have seen our inner world and enjoyed the beautiful nature of our soul and conscious to have that inner beauty. There should be harmoning in the thought process LAASA emphasis on this ….. WE LOVE ALL AND SERVE ALL