Code : A000515
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Pyla Ramprasad
Benificiaries : Dasseti Rahul Gandhi
Need : A poor family need food & nutrition assistance
Location : Laveru Mandal , Srikakulam District
Title : Fabulous feels
One can realize it only when one devels deep into its significance. You have to sublimate all work as worship and try to fill every movement of your lives with that outlook. Only one  can you justify our volunteer ship in this organisation this what we should all thoroughly consider donate and serve of the two mottos of our LAASA in this serving part volunteer proposes activities an LAASA carries it further and executes here is such food and nutrition assistance project done through our volunteer Mr. pyla ramprasad . Dasetti rahul gandhi age-7, who is a paralysed patient because of polio. His father Dasetti bhaskar rao age-55 , who is a very sick person and unable to work his mother Dasetti sarada age-30, who is working as maid who is bread winner of the house and also having a brother. This particular needy family is facing much difficulty even for food. We provided food provisions for this deserving family
Fabulous feels stay forever our intension is our identity and our ideology is our development values are the roots top LAASA humanity is the source for the growth of our foundation everything revolves around one point that is

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