Code : A000516
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Menda Parvathi
Benificiaries : Tarini Jyalakshmi , Lada Seethamma
Need : A poor family in dire need for food
Location : Balaga , Srikakulam
Title : Do everything with love
Let Love be your very breath . Let the sun of love help the lotus of your heart to blossom . May you be victorious in all your service undertakings. That is blessing for each one of you. Above all, cultivate Love, express Love , move along with others with love . With this very love we the laas a provided food and nutrition assistance through our volunteer Menda Parvathi.
Tarini Jayalakshmi(60), tarini seeta rama murthy(65), Resident of Balaga, Srikakulam , she had hand injury, she has 3 sons, two sons are mentally challenged ,another son is drunkard .nobody is there for helping this family. This family is facing lot of troubles for food. Lada Seetamma Resident of balaga, srikakulam age-58, she has only one son who is mentally challenged. This family is facing a lot for food. we LAASA provided food to this deserving family
Do everything with love that will be an offering to the almighty not only your deed but also yours words and thoughts let you have a mark till you live and you have a legacy on this globe after you for this you must observe one thing always in all the ways that is