Code : A000525
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Suru Sambasiva rao
Benificiaries : Kintali Roja Rani & Kintali Uma sankar
Need : A Poor couple need medical support
location : Budatavalasa , Laveru mandal
Title : Field to serve
Whenever you see a sick person, a dispiried disconsolate, diseased person , there is your field to serve , every cell every nerve , must tingle with love . With this intension our volunteer Mr. Suru sambasiva rao provided medical support of LAASA to the most deserving.
kintali Roja rani Age 48 A Heart Patient, Kintali uma Shanker Age 55 a paralyzed patient this couple are in most pathetic condition, even unable to purchase Medicine for their health Problem. They are living in Budatavalasa village. We the LAASA as true bonded person provided medicine to these needy couple. everyone will die on one day before to that moment we should realize that why we are born. We are born only for one thing that is to………….