Code : A000526
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Santosh kumar DV
Benificiaries : Narsipuram Jyotrimai
Need : A Poor little children Need help for Educational assistance
Location : Vombay colony , Srikakulam
Title : Do good and every one will be good
The rich and the high – placed have money to serve them. you must serve those who have no one to serve them. Be on the look-out for eyes filled with tears, hearts heaving in sighs. Help them in a better way what you can! With this motto in mind our volunteer Mr. Santosh kumar DV provided LAASA educational assistance to a deserving student .Narsipuram jyothrimai, age-7 resident of vombay colony, srikakulam she  is a very deserving girl who lost her father. Mother alone working as a daily wage labour feeding this little girl for the benefit of good education to this little student.
We the LAASA provided support for the little kid education with a kind heart. Let us bring world together with the bond of love, serving the humanity is not a simple task. It’s a sanctified task in view of LAASA. Do good and every one will be good may we hope that we…………

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