Code : A000527
Volunteer : Andhavaraopu Appanasetty
Benificiaries : Mamidi Aruna kumari
Need : The Poor woman Need help for medical assistance
Location : Gujarathipeta , Srikakualm
Title : Face of the world
You need not be wearing the uniform or parading the badge; you need not wear the uniform of supplication, or parade the badge of pain. Hold the patient by the hand; look into his eyes with compassion. With this view our volunteer Mr. Andhavarapou Appanasety firmly determine to support a poor and young cancer patient through LAASA medical assistance project. Mamidi Arunakumari Age-22, Resident of gujarathipeta, Srikakulam. She is suffering from intestine cancer earlier she worked in book stall, her mother is working in a hotel and her father expired. She belongs to a very needy and deserving family. This patient is in great need of money for her treatment. We the LAASA support what we can.
Everyone must have a step forward and do something and donate something with what they have. you may not be rich but you must be rich in your values this statement will certainly change the face of the world in terms of help to poor and needy at LAASA certainly we………….                        LOVE ALL AND SERVE ALL