Code : A000529
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer: YV Ramanamma
Benificiaries: Lokanadham Parvathi
Need : A Poor woman need urgent medical assistance
Location : Kallepalli , Srikakulam
Title : In their hearts
The relief and joy that you give to the sick and the sad, reach the God in their hearts. God has no need of your services; Try to serve the godly; be the servants of the servants of the lord. Serving the humanity is serving the god with this sense of thought our volunteer yv.ramanamma extended LAASA medical assistance to a deserving patient. Lokanadham parvathi Age-45, is a resident of kallepalli village, srikakulam district. She met with a road accident 2 Autos Dashed her shoulder is fractured and her husband expired she has a son who is a daily wage labor. To this poor patient we LAASA provided medicine praying god for her good relief.
Physical prayers may give us peace but human service is above the prayers which give joy along with peace this is what our motto is……