Code : A000528
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Venkata Raju A
Benificiaries : Tenkada Lakshmana rao
Need : the Poor man Need food and nutrition assistance
Location : Kesavadaspuram, Srikakulam
Title : Love is the god
Service is best built on the strong foundation of “That and this are the same “; that is this; this is that, there is no other; there is only one. the one is the love itself it is the god and love is the god with this feel in heart our volunteer Mr. A Venkat Raju came forward to support a deserving family with the source provided through LAASA food assistance project .tenkada lakshmanarao Age-37,is a resident of kesavadaspuram , srikakulam. He has no left hand and right eye as he lost in a bomb blast he is unable to work and even his wife a daily wage labour unable to get proper food and medicine. We the LAASA as a fathelihood provided food support to this needy patient’s family.
Every thought in mind and each word delivers through our lips and every deal we do with this body will have a mark in this world hence lets be the best in all regards with one single note that is……