Code : A000532
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer: VelamaLa Krishna
Benificiaries : Velamala Apparao
Need : A poor patient need medical assistance
Location : Embaram village , Lnpeta
Title : joyful and loveful
The fulfillment of man’s life on earth consists is filling himself with the love and transmitting that love into acts of service, that have lost the way; close your eyes to the faults of theirs, we should love all then automatically service included in our every deed in perform. LAASA provided medical assistance a very deserving patient through our volunteer Mr. V krishna. velamala apparao age-60 resident of embaram village lN peta mandalam srikakulam district. He is suffering from a chronic infection to his leg. He needs regular dressing to his wounds he belongs to a very poor and needy family. We provided medicine this very needy patient.
Our deeds must be exemplary for others to follow our transparency is a token of credibility. Our vision is to create a joyful and loveful world this is what we admire at LAASA that is…..WE