Code : A000533
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer: Ruppa Ramanamurthy
Benificiaries : Nellapu ammanna & 5 others
Need : Poor old woman’s need food & nutrition
Location : Sanivada village , Srikakulam
Title : Filling starving bellies
Do not push or pull people; speak softly and sweetly, tell the old and the infirm you will take them to more comfortable vantage positions and they will be extremely grateful to you. Decency in human behavior reflects the culture. Culture nothing but concern towards others it includes even the human service we the LAASA provided food and nutrition to the most downtrodden old orphan people through our volunteer Mr. Ruppa ramanamurthy.
“neelapu ammanna a 72-year-old poor woman living alone at sanivada village. she has no shelter to live in. she is begging for food. “ungati chinnamma (physically handicapped), ruppa rajamma(blind) bendi asirappa these 4 poor old women are very needy and deserving they have no proper shelter to live in, and even food. vandana simmayya age 65 and wife chinami age 60 this couple are paralysed patients and in very needy condition.Simmayya earlier worked as a rickshaw puller and now getting food is a hard task to this needy family. As a social responsibility we obtain this task. We are filling starving bellies with food and hearts with love with only one deserve that is….

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