Code : A000542
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Kilari Srinivasa rao
Benificiaries : CH Kiranmayee
Need : A poor hiv patient’s who Is striving for food
Location : Panduranga street , Kella street , Srikakulam
Title : That one is the love
Seva comes before Atmanivedanam (complete surrender to the Divine), God’s grace will come when seva is done without expectation of reward or recognition. LAASA is doing all these by practicing a simple formula of rendering selfless deeds here is one of those where we provided food & nutrition project to most needy and deserving HIV patients through our volunteer kilari srinivas arao. CH.kiranmayeea H.I.V patient living at kella street,srikakulam. she is in deep need of food , HIV patients living in panduranga street srikakulam .They are in last stage of their life . They are in most deserving conditions .we feed these needy persons with pour own hands like a mother by providing food provisions.
There is one. In there is the word “ONE” in the sentence that “there is no ONE “. The one we fell that is the love and that is LAASA when there is no one for anyone certainly we are there to care and to share because, We…….