Code : A000541
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Klamata Ravisankar
Benificiaries : Menda Rajulamma
Need : A poor woman need food&nutrition
Location : Balaga , Srikakulam
Title : royal path
Service has the good quality of removing ego in man. It promotes love and affection. It takes him away from the aspect of worldly attachments and puts him on the path to the device. LAASA main philosophy is only this we try to make people habit of doing service through which they can earn joy and contentment. to witness this we performed a food and nutrition project through our volunteer Mr. k ravi sankar .Menda Rajulamma resident of balaga, srikakulam age-65, has no one to take care and she is struggling hard even for food as a case of needy and deserving . We supported by providing food provisions.
We should not teach spirituality to a hunger person. The first rituality is to feed him remember, spirituality is different from devotional the human service is the royal path to get aware what spirituality is? …. We LOVE ALL AND SERVE ALL

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