Code : A000553
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Andhavarapu Bala Krishna Murthy
Benificiaries : Lade Indumati
Need : A poor old woman need medical assistance
Location : Vishakaptnam
Title : Renounce the goodness
If you establish relationship by the self-way, that will be permanent and true relationship. This kind of relationship will also take the shape of the true relationship. This is truly sacred and comes from the bottom of the heart. THE SOCIAL relationship can be well established only by rendering self-less human service it also improves the intensity in marinating and strong bonded human relations here LAASA had done a medical assistance service project to establish such good social relations through our volunteer Mr. Balakrishna murthy
lade indumati, age-65 is a resident of the ippilivari street, Srikakulam town her husband’s age is 85 and she has two sons who are very innocent. She belongs to a very poor and needy family. Recently she had undergone a brain surgery at Visakhapatnam. Her surgery was done under a govt scheme but a lot of money is to be provided by the family for the purpose of medical tests and medicine. She is now under post-operative care in an emergency ward. To this most deserving patient we the LAASA supported for her medical treatment
Men will born and die but in-between in the short period of life we must have a smooth way of happiest things to be happen…for this necessarily we must perform our engaged into some selfless human services LAASA provides such platform to renounce the goodness of humanity by following the path that is ……