Code : A000554
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Jutha Bucchi Babu
Benificiaries : Mungi Bhanu Pratap
Need : A student need educational support
Location : Dandi Veedhi, CB Road Peta Srikakulam
Title : pulse of human life
Seva to man is service to God . Service to GOD in the other person must be your daily act of worship .Seva to the individual is seva to the deva.This is a tradition not only developed in the modern age but also from the ancient ages utter a word with love , have a thought with compassion and performing a deed with sanity without any self intension can be defines as true human service here is such educational assistance service project benefiting a deserving student through our volunteer Mr. J bucchi babu.
Mungi Bhanu Pratap age-16 is a resident of Dandi veedhi, CB road PETA, Srikakulam. He is studying inter first year his father and mother has daily wage workers, and they are in very poor condition to pay the college fee of this boy. We LAASA obtained this task and provided support.
Many are born and many will die but a few of us are able to catch the pulse of true human life get knowledge practice it get “Annandha” enjoy it this is at what LAASA admires we…..