Code : A000556
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Mayuri Bhaskararao
Benificiaries : Baratam Venugopalrao
Need : A polio patient who is striving  for food
Location : Makkuva, Vizayanagaram
Title: sense of divinity
The service that you can do the thousands who gather here is not something you render to others; it is service you render to yourselves. Ever you have think of the service who receives from us is not lesser to us we gave us the opportunity to dwell out that divinity from the inner soul LAASA does any activity with this sense of divinity we do food and nutrition assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Mayuri Bhaskarrao
baratam venugopalrao age-55, is a resident of makkuva village, vizayanagaram district. He is a physically challenged person due to polio. He is living along with his wife and he is unable to do any work he is struggling hard even to get food. We provided food provisions to this needy.
come let us do something to the needy what we can go let us go on the path of selfless values where we may realize the true nature of us remember we have only one chance of life .Love each and prove it …..

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