Code : A000562
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Gundabala Mohan
Benificiaries : Sambala Drakshyani
Need : A Poor old  woman need medical assistance
Location : srikakulam, Bodemma Temple
Title : A good thought
Today, we regard it derogatory to ‘serve’. We ridicule those who wish to serve others. But in the service there is great worth. Service helps us uproot the egoism that burdens us. service purifies an individual from the inner side it also allows the health to be in the most good condition with the hope of this we the LAASA provided medical assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Gundubala mohan.
Sambala drakshayani, age-71 is a resident of bodemma temple street, srikakulam. she is very old , needy and a bone cancer patient. she depended on her son who is an electrician. her son is also a fits patient and could not provide even medicine to his beloved mother. To this deserving patient we LAASA provided medicine and to support its humanity
A good thought is the food for the healthy mind and a good word is a food for healthy existence a good deed is a food for a healthy life this is what LAASA admires for this we have to..

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