Code : A000561
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Himabindhu Nethada
Benificiaries : Belamara Chandra Shekar
Need : A Poor man need basic food & nutrition support
Location : Balaga, Srikakulam
Title : social responsibility
Seva is the adoration of the lord, as having the multi faced form and Immanence in the entire universe, The word volunteer used here is “swayam Sevak “.our responsibilities are of three kinds one is the personal responsibility and the second one is the family responsibility third one is social responsibility. One should feel the social responsibility in doing any service to humanity with this sense of responsibility we the LAASA foundation rendered food & nutrition project through our volunteer Mrs. Himabiundhu. Belamara Chandrashekar, age-35 is a resident of balaga, srikakulam. He is working as a scavenger and now passing time in a most struggling way. Recently he lost his wife. She suffered from both kidney failure problem. Now he is in great need of food and basic needs. In this most pathetic condition is struggling hard to get food. We the LAASA supported for food to this most deserving person.
In the calculations of the life we missed a lot, sometimes even we miss ourselves having love and sharing love is the only reset to have rejoice with our life and with our deeds .hence we must