Code : A000575
Project : Basic Needs Assistance
Volunteer : Loppinti Dillep
Beneficiaries : Bommali Polinaidu
Need : A poor physically challenged person need basic need assistance
Location : kothapeta village, srikakulam
title : We last forever
Keep the mind busy with these, for once it strays into the by lanes of the world, it will get infected with evil. Guard the tiny name of sympathy with suffering, from the guests of cynicism and miserly greed. Illusion can spoil the inner world never allows it inside thinking for others in a positive and a loving way will keep our status high in terms of spiritual levels, for this we must utter deeds which feeds our soul and drives the mind in a right path here is a beautiful of this kind where LAASA provide basic need assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Loppinti Dillep. Bommali polinaidu age-26 is a resident of kothapeta village, srikakulam. He is a totally paralyzed patient. He is working in a little job where he has to travel many kilometers from his home to the working place. This deserving patient his in great need of a tricycle which will help him for his moment. We LAASA provided a tricycle to this physically challenged young person.
Eating a sweet or a chocolate will just make our taste sweet but not the mind doing something good to an unknown without expecting any award or reward will really the sweetest moment in our Heart with the taste we last forever for this, we LAASA strives sincerely with one effort that is..

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