Code : A000577
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : kinjarapu vijay kumar
Beneficiaries : Hymavathi and family
Need : A poor family need food & nutrition assistance
Location : Karimilipeta, srikakualm rural mandal
Title : Originality of life structure
Understand the deep significance of service; it will lead to your becoming ideal leaders, who are in great need today, all over the world. You fulfill yourselves by sharing; you empty yourselves by grabbing .we listen to many voices from outside which provides the knowledge but the master of all knowledge is the inner voice which really uplift you and uphold you in this deserty world. The inner voice can be heard when there is a pure calm ambience within your inner world for that please do selfless deeds here is such food & nutrition service project through our volunteer Mr. kinjarapu vijay kumar.
Smt.Challa Bhagyalaxmi Aged 28 Is Very Poor and Her Husband Left her. She is not able to feed her family Consists of 4 Members (Kids).Our Foundation Must Help by Giving Food. They Are Seeking Our Help. They are stretching their hands. We provide food provisions to the most deserving family.
Many colored flowers but the netted, which bees love is the same. the life of a flower is from dawn to desk but it possess beauty in its form and it spreads its originality through fragrance anyone or anything must possess the originality of the life structure hence as human beings we must possess the humanity where LAASA possess it all the time…