code : A000589
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Mantri Govinda Rao
Beneficiaries : Sadhu siva pavani
Need : A poor deserving student need educational assistance
Location : simmapeta
Title : prime source
The seva that is entrusted to you, you must do intelligently and to a successful finish. It does not matter if the recipient is not fully satisfied; you must have your best, without falter or favor. LAASA does each activity with this very sense we here rendered educational assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Mantdri Govinda Rao.Sadhu sai pavani is a resident of simmapeta Srikakulam. Her mother is a servant maid and her father is a daily wage labor. This student is studying sri sivani educational society college. She is unable to pay her college and bus fee. She is very deserving we provide the support for her education which is needed.
The support for education is a support for a better future education is the prime source of poverty eradication that LAASA believes in all the time we notice and have a note for a definite task with a clear objective then we rendered any service project. Because, our intension is only one thing that is

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