Code : A000590
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Ungati Prasada Rao
Beneficiaries : S.Devaraju
Need : A poor deserving man need medical assistance
Location : Mondeti veedhi, srikakulam
Title : Magical
Seva done lovingly and well to the people who gather here to have and to listen to the discourses is a great opportunity for you to acquire discrimination and detachment to widen and deepen your devotion, and to realize. Be humble, be sweet, and be sincere. Our volunteer Uganti Prasad Rao do such medical assistance service project with a pure heart without hoping anything in return. S.devaraj aged 50 resident of srikakulam suffering from heart and lung problems. His prancriyatis is totally damaged. He is unable to move and do any work. There is no one support from anyone for his urgent medical need. We LAASA provide medicine to the most deserving patient.
Don’t think too much in our life, our life is in our hands life is life a wax we can create a shape what shape you want, if you want your life as like as you want you have to bear pain, even candle should be melted by fire. The light is the love which shows the way even to the holder but it also brightens the path where it goes the light of love is such magical where it effects all when it is observed and practiced like LAASA. We