Code : A000597
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Bukkuru Srirama Murty
Beneficiaries : K Kousik
Need : A poor little patient need medical assistance
Location : Srikakulam
Title : Obtain Bliss
Through activity man attains purity of consciousness in fact man has to welcome activity with this end in view. Through seva rendered without any desire to placate one’s ego and with only the wellbeing of others in view, LAASA does each of its activity only this significant note we rendered such medical assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. B.Srirama murthy. Mr. K Kousik Aged 11 Yrs Suffering From sickcel anemia Since Long Back and Wondered So many Hospitals for Complete Cure. Now He Is Advised For Dialysis Quarterly. His Father Venkatarao Working As Salesman On Konark Readymades In Srikakulam. He Is Not in Position to Meet the Expenses regularly. We LAASA provided continuous medical support to this deserving little patient.
Imagine a well with polluted and muddy water, so that bottom of the well cannot be seen. When the water is cleansed and made clear, then the bottom can be seen; similarly with in man’s heart deep down in his consciousness, we have the self. But it can be cognized only when the consciousness is clarified. Your passions, your emotions and egoistic desires, muddy the consciousness and make it opaque this purification proved is to be rendered on regular basis at LAASA we do this and follow this to obtain bliss…