Code : A000598
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Vana Joginaidu
Beneficiaries : Kuna pottimma, Koyyana Chilakamma
Need : two poor woman’s need food & nutrition Assistance
Location : Gottipalli, IN peta mandalam
Title : Go forward with smile
Bad deeds never yield good, good deed never yield bad, Neem seeds never yield mangoes, mango seeds never yield neem. hence a person a might be an expert in many fields of knowledge or a master of many material skills and accomplishments but without inner cleanliness his brain is a desert waste or a massive stone with no trace of love, instead of speaking lacks of good things just practice oneself less thing which will drag the rest of goodness into your life. Here, we LAASA provided food and nutrition assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Vana Joginaidu. kuna pottimma age-70 Koyyana Chilakamma Age-65 are residents of gottipalli village l n peta mandalam. These poor old ladies are suffering lot even for food as they have no one to take care and living in small huts away from the village. We LAASA provided food provisions to the most deserving poor woman.
Go forward with smile, do the best with smile, rendered the good with smile. Because, smile is the positive sign ever have this positive approach in each activity we performing in our life. As LAASA does everything like this, love is the inner current for the smile love is the inner energy for the act we do, as a matter of fact we can say that we

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