Code : A000619
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : CJ Rao
Beneficiaries : Gannavarapu Syam Sundar
Need : A poor family need food & nutrition assistance
Location : palasa
Title : Deserves love
“I believe that we all have a social responsibility to one another, no matter who, no matter where. We are all connected, we are all human. Everyone on this planet deserves love. Everyone on this planet deserves to be loved.” with this bondage of love we rendered food and nutrition assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. CJ Rao Gannavarapu Syam sundar rao is a kidney failure patient living in palasa. His wife krishnakumari asma patient works in a kaju factory as daily wage labour. They have a daughter kalpana age-21 who is deff this needy family is in great difficulties. We LAASA provided food provisions to this most deserving family.
Someone sometimes may cannot open their mouth to seek the help because they might be in most pathetic or most innocent beings. These two are applicable here in this case we make sure of our support wherever the beneficiary may be we reach them and we feed them because..