Code : A000629
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Sura Prasant kumar
Beneficiaries : Rowtu Ramanamma
Need : A poor family need food & nutrition assistance
Location : Pathakunkam village, Laveru
Title : Valuable love and care
“The sound of your life knows that nothing is lost-nothing. Absolutely nothing is lost. The most devastating of things that have happened to you have brought you to this place. They give credibility and soundness to what you have been given to serve the world. What was once your weakness has become your strength, And the sound of your life helps you to see that.” serve the world with what you have and how much you can we LAASA here rendered food and nutrition assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. sura prasanth kumar. Very very poor family in the village pathakunkam in Laveru Mandal Srikakulam dist. She was husbandless lady having a girl child studying 7th class. Suspecting an AIDS family by the observation and information from the villagers. They have their food daily is also difficulty. If she goes to daily labor work then only they earn and eat food other day it’s difficult to have food also. We provide food support to this most deserving woman.
Being human let us show our valuable love and care to the fellow being let us give that what we could always remember one thing that selfless giving is the only thing to get selfless satisfaction to admires this at our doors ..