Code : A000630
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : kuna udaya bhaskar
Beneficiaries : jada satyanarayana
Need : A poor man need medical assistance
Location : P.N.Colony, srikakulam
Title : Sharing and caring
“To serve means to dedicate or devote yourself fully to a certain course and to please the person you are serving in everything” sharing and caring are the two sides to the coin of life love allows us to serve service allows us from maturity, maturity allows to peace and peace allows us to joy. With this joy we rendered medical assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Kuna udaya bhaskar. Jada Satyanarayana is an electrician who has two college going children. Suddenly he came to know that his lever is damaged. He has to spend around 5000 per month on medicines. We LAASA provide medical support to the most deserving patient.
Nothing is more important than life, everyone’s life is more valuable, if we find someone who is suffering and struggling their life in front of ours, if we do something for that person and get a smile on their face that feeling is so precious. Here LAASA does such valuable things with the help our volunteers to reach them. LAASA admires only one thing, asking nothing to much all…. just