Code : A000636
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Gondu Neelam
Beneficiaries : Ariselli. Lachamma, Ponga. Yarramma
Need : A poor woman’s need Food & Nutrition assistance
Location : voppangi, srikakulam.
Title : Love is infinity
Runners focus will be only on the sound of the trigger. A babies intension is only to have the hug of its beloved mother, the humanity is always on the ready edge to serve the poor and needy the pain can be reduced with a simple and a gentle touch with our selfless love here we LAASA rendered food & nutrition assistance service project through our volunteer Mr Gondu Neelam. Ariselli. Lachamma, age 65, Ponga. Yarramma, Age.65 living in voppangi village, Srikakulam dist. These both poor old woman have no one to take care, and leading their lives in a most pathetic condition in a small hut. We provided food provisions to the most deserving poor old and orphan woman’s
We provide food provisions with at most quality where our objective is to fill the bellies where they are burning with starving we try to resolve each problem that we listen to we try to meet each heart which is in dire need of our support. Our help may be little but our love is infinity because