Code : A000637
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Vemula Suresh Kumar
Beneficiaries : SK. Allavalli
Need : A poor meritorious student need educational assistance
Location : Mohamad Nagar, Kammam, Telagana
Title : Real culture
Concern towards others is a real culture, comfort to a needy person is the real service sometimes our money and position just be utilized only for passing of our life. But something is more needed to have the sweetest memory of self-satisfaction. Go…do…love…serve…We LAASA provided educational assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Vemula suresh kumar. Shaik Allavali Age 21 who completed his Graduation is Very Poor and needy to meet daily expenditure in Hyderabad for the purpose of Groups coaching in RC Reddy Institute. He already paid fee rs 20000/- by selling all his goats. His mother is a daily worker. HIs father died long ago. He has grandmother staying along with them. We LAASA provide continuous education support and provided hostel fee to this very deserving and poor student.
Someone thinks that matter of service is to be performed at certain age, remember age and stage does not matter if we are very eager to serve with love the poorest of the poor, it needs only kind heart and a blind faith in love, love is god visualize it, your life has a meaning-notice it, by knowing it.