Code : A000638
Project : Basic Needs Assistance
Volunteer : Geddam Anandharao
Beneficiaries : 17 Fire accident victimized families
Need : A poor families need basic needs assistance
Location : Uparapeta, Kotturu Mandal, Srikakulam
Title : Intensified care
Many incidents occur around us some may be just incidents built some are accidents but when it happens a real drastic loss will be experienced .here is a service activity rendered to fire accident victimized families. Where they lost everything and crying to heart and mouth holding the ash which is now there as a result of massive fire accident we the LAASA foundation with immense love and intensified care provided basic need assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Gedam Anadha rao .
17 poor families living in small huts at upparpeta, kotturu mandal, Srikakulam dist., badly affected by a massive fire accident which happened due to a blast of gas cylinder. In this peak winter all these fire accident victims are greatly facing lot of difficulty, as everything turned to ash in this fire accident. We LAASA provide vessels mats blankets to the most deserving victimized families.
Little lamps shows the darken way to reach the destiny little deeds show our commitment rendering the service to the poor and needy. We the LAASA may not be able to own the whole grief of poor and needy, but certainly we will wipe out their tears because we fell that their tears are our tears. there is no caste no creed no religion and no region and no language to LAASA there is only one thing which is not a pay card we hold but it is a life card that we show on every turn of this humanity that is

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