Code : A000664
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Divya Pediredla
Beneficiaries : Urlam Madhavayya
Need : A poor patient need medical assistance
Location : Palasa
Title : Spiritual strength
The art of loving creates the unity which has unlimited spiritual strength, and that is the greatest need in the world today. Each one of us make such difference if we become humble, if we develop a service attitude, and if we develop the broad mind to see the oneness of all living beings. That’s enough for one’s life we LAASA rendered medical assistance service project through our volunteer Mrs. Divya Pediredla.
Urlam Madhavayya a Kidney Failure Operation will be done in next month. Before operation he need amount for medicine. Family history His father is expired and the mother was house wife. He is the only earning person. He has two sisters one got married and 2nd one dependent on him. We LAASA provide medical support to this deserving patient.
The really important kind of freedom involves being able truly to care about other people. It was while helping others to be free that we gained our own freedom. We can identify our true nature with the selfless service to others Feel free to feel the love feel the love to feel the service firstly in your thought through your mindset. this is what LAASA admires