CODE: A001349

PROJECT : Food & Nutrition Assistance

BENEFICIARY NAME : Korada Kalavathi & Others

VOLUNTEER NAME : Loddi Venkata Lakshmi

LOCATION : Kella Street, Srikakulam

SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Food Support To Deserving Familes

Korada Kalavathi,A Poor Old Needy Person Living Alone At Kella Street,Srikakulam, Is Not In A Position To Feed Herself. Let Laasa Provide Food Provisions To This Needy Poor Women. Jada Chenchamma Age 55; Is Physically Very Week To Work And Is Leading Life With A 30+ Mentally Challenged Son At Kella Street, Srikakulam. These Mother And Son Are Struggling Hard To Lead Their Life. They Are In Most Pathetic Condition In Need Of Food. Jeda Rambabu Age 65 And Jeda Rajulamma A Daily Wise Labour Living In The Primises Of Ttd Kalyana Mandapam, Srikakulam As They Are No Home To Living.These Deserving Couple Are Facing Much Difficulty Even For Food. we LAASA to provided Food support to this Deserving Familes under LAASA Food & Nutrition Assistance service project. This activity is proposed by LAASA Volunteer LODDI VENKATA LAKSHMI.

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