The value of Food

LAASA 100 Day Food Programme
Ruppa Lakshmi
A woman who is poor and fighting for her health.
LAASA’s Solution
Renewal of Food & Nutrition programme
Dooba Kamala
Sanivada Village, Srikakulam

“It is not easy to know one’s own Self. Take the case of the food that one eat. One feel its presence as long as it is in ones stomach, but do not know what happens in the stages after that, unless one study in depth about one’s human body. How then can one know, without effort, the Truth that lies behind the sheaths that encase and enclose one? One must clear the intellect of the cobwebs of the ego, the dust of desire, and the soot of greed and envy, then it becomes a fit instrument for revealing the Inner Truth. The Scriptures exhort one to know one’s Self, know ones Inner Motivator (the Antharyami)! For, unless oneis armed with that knowledge, one would be like a ship sailing without a compass in a stormy sea! To know the value of food, one must experience hunger”.

– Sri Satya Sai

LAASA Volunteer Ruppa Lakshmi has identified a poor woman D Kamala(34) who is fighting for her health because of kidney failure in Sanivada Village of Srikakulam Dist. in need of food as her family don’t have any other way that they can get on their own. LAASA has provided food to the family under LAASA 100 day Food Programme. LAASA salutes Ruppa Lakshmi for this thought “To know the value of Food, one must experience Hunger”.

The real joy is the joy of giving. Give Love, Give Compassion, Give Hope, Give Service, Give Education. Remember.., After all, we’ll only get what we reap. As always, LAASA is to Serve All with infinite selfless Love.