Activity A000212

Project Basic needs assistance

Volunteers v.malleswarao& G. ramarao

Beneficiaries 6 fire accidents victimied families

Need 6 houses were burnt andneeded vessels for cooking and tarpalenes for living

Laasa’s support provided vessels andtarpalenes

Location thandyalapeta village, garamandal, Srikakulam(district)

Describing is the highest gift given by the god to the humanity the purity is the key to unlock this discrimination the power of divinity will provide energy to this discrimination to act this is the inner mechanism which every human frame will hold if you could realize this truth certainly the discrimination will lay a path to the happiness destines when some is in need we must feed when some oneweaps we must keep our love on their suffering when some dying atleast we should give a compassionate word . The incidents and accidents will occur now and then when we could extend our support to the people who are their in the needies home will really make a true sense of human service.

Our voulnteersMr.vmalleswarao&G.Ramarao brought an issue to support 6 fire accident victimised faimilies at thandylapeta village, garamandal, Srikakulam. All the house ash no belonging were left behind beyond with house holders clothes, money what nothing everything has turned to ash in this massive fire attract.

We the laasa provided the veesels for cooking and tarpalenes for to live in. this suffers felt immense joy when a non relative group of people came forward to help and service in this needy hour for laasa there is only one cast, the cast of humanity , there is only one religion the religion of love, the needy is the god and the service is the workship.