Build a bridge

Activity A000213

Project 100 day food programme

Volunteers D.santosh Nehru &G.Vijaykumar

Beneficiaries T.sattema (poor old orphan women)

Need great need even for food

Laasa’s support provided food provisions

Location gumadam village, laverumandal, Srikakulam(district)

Always have three questions 1. Are we usefull , 2. To we are usefull , which way we are usefull .

Any educaed person will certainly have the ability of fulling the personal and family desires the sense of humanity will gift him/her as usefull instruments to the sorroundings and the society we must focus on the needy and poor conditions of the people who live next to us. Our education will be completed if we really become an usefull instrument in the humanity the tears and the cries must be attended and our abilities and sources must have a portition upon which we can write a self less song your are the role model if you think be aware your are the hero and you’re the 1 before many 0’s .

Our volunteers Mr. d Santosh Nehru &G.vijaykumar has come forward to extend the support to the most needy lady T.SATTEM( poor old orphan women) at gumadam village, laverumandal, Srikakulam(district).

Her condition was so drastic that her both ends could not meet even for food . welaasa build a bridge between the ends of hand tips and lips our wish is to cherish smiliy flowers on the deserty hearts. We just don’t serve food we also serve good to our brotherlyhood. laasa emphasis on the very minuates of problems and want to create a healthy loving world .