A000470 – All are He

Code : A000470 Project : Food & Nutrition Assistanc Volunteer : Gurugubelli Dilleswara Rao Beneficiaries : Batta Bharathi and Family Need : A cancer patient who is striving for food for her family Location : Srikakulam “Service of fellow human beings is more needed than service to the Lord Himself. In fact, such service is equal to the service of God. That is the path of real devotion. For what greater means can there be to please God than pleasi

A000469 – Follow the actions done by God come as a human being

Code : A000469 Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance Volunteer : Ruppa Lakshmi Beneficiaries : Neelapu Ammanna (72), Ungati Chinnamma, Vandana SImmayya (65) and wife Chinnammi (60) Location : Sanivada Village , Srikakulam “The Mahabharata is an ideal text for peace lovers. So long as we are human beings, we cannot understand and follow the actions of Divinity. But we must accept and follow the actions done by God come as a human being. In the pres

A000468 – Duty, Devotion or Wisdom

Code : A000468 Project : Medical Assistance Volunteer : Palli Thulasiraj Beneficiaries : Temburu Chinnamma (87) Need : An old and poor Asthama Patient who need medical assistance Location : Danuru, Gajipati District Odisha “At holy temples such as Tirupati or Bhadrachalam, you find only a stone shaped as an idol. But when the feeling of devotion permeates that stone, it becomes the Supremest Treasure of the human mind. Many waste precious time, debat

A000467 – The spirit of nobility

Code : A000467 Project : Educational Assistance Volunteer : Olupalli Durga Prasad Beneficiaries : Ladi Mashritha studying 10th Need : Payment of school fee Location : Srikakulam “All the lessons that great saints teach are merely like guideposts. The best that a guidepost can do is to tell you that if you travel in that way, you will reach this particular destination; and if you travel along another path, you will reach a different place. The actual

A000466 – See Him as the sap through every cell

Code : A000466 Project : Medical Assistance Volunteer : Sasapu Ramana Beneficiaries : Sasapu Venkata Naidu (65) Location : Ponugutivalasa “The tree of life is a tree of delusion, with all its branches, leaves and flowers. You can realise it as such, when you do all acts as dedicated offerings to God. See Him as the sap through every cell, as the Sun warming and building every little plant. See Him in all, worship Him through all, for He is all! Engage

A000465 – In order to put this into action, one’s deeds are equally important.

Code : A000465 Project : Medical Assistance Volunteer : Ganti Venkata Ramesh Beneficiaries : Kolleti Lakshmi (26) Need : A poor patient at RIMS hospital suffering from bone marrow cancer. Location : RIMS Hospital, Srikakulam   “We generally think that the Gita consists of certain teachings which will help us and teach us renunciation, and take us along the spiritual path. This is not the correct way of und...

A000464 – We will only see the one common aspect of divinity (Brahman) shining in everyone

Code : A000464 Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance Volunteer : Gadili Mallesu Beneficiaries : Pitta Ramulu (70) Need : A poor and old person in a dire need for food Location : Pusarlapadu, Garla “Consider this example. They bring a large number of oranges in a lorry and dump them in a factory. When the oranges are brought in, some of them are green, some yellow, some ripe, some overripe, and so on. From all these oranges, they extract the jui...

A000463 – Prajnanam Brahma, Ayam Atma Brahma, Tat Tvam Asi and Aham Brahmasmi

“From the four Vedas, our ancients have picked up four very special statements (Mahavakhyas) and taught their meaning to us. These four are Prajnanam Brahma, Ayam Atma Brahma, Tat Tvam Asi and Aham Brahmasmi. These statements imply that Brahman (Divine) is synonymous to Prajnana (Knowledge), and that the Atma (Soul) is Brahman, and that Brahman is yourself. In these we will be able to see that in the dissolved state everything is one and the same. In this

A000462 – Those who protect righteousness (dharma) will in turn be protected by dharma

Code : A000462 Project : Medical Assistance Volunteer : Allam Koteswara Rao Beneficiaries : Sangivi Ramakrishna and Family Location : K. Gopalapuram Village, Pathapatnam Mandalam Before the start of the Mahabharata war, at the advice of Lord Krishna, Yudhishthira and his brothers, went up to Bhishma, touched his feet, and said, “Grandfather, ever since we lost our father, you looked after us and brought us up; unfortunately, today we have to fight w...

A000461 – God, in the form of Shaktipata (spiritual energy), shines in all

Code : A000461 Project : Medical Assistance Volunteer : Uppada Suryanarayana Beneficiaries : Simma Krishnaveni (35) Location : Reddy Peta, Srikakulam “God is one, but each individual can and must create a form for themselves according to their taste. When salt is in the sea, it is not distinct from the sea. It is a part of the ocean. This salty taste is a quality present in the entire ocean. Do we have to drink and taste the entire ocean to experience