Let’s recollect a known story of our childhood – A Thirsty Crow which in search of water observes water in a pot in a park but it is not reachable – drops pebbles – water rises – drinks it – feels good and fly away…

If we cut this story…, all that we want is not reachable to us.

Imagine that we are all walking on a hot pan road.

Our tongue is thirst crave of water.., obviously, our brain searches for fulfilling this desire of the very basic need. This is quite normal. But, sometimes after filling our bellies with water, the satisfaction may question us “What could be the condition of other human beings who have the desire for water like the thirsty crow..?” But cannot find water or if they find water but no pebbles of money to drop and take it. This is all the modernized fact.

The sun is burning with angriness over the people with a feel of revenge to be taken against the act of pollution. No guarantee of health in these hot temperatures when we roam around under the “VISHWAROOPAM” of THE SUN. We cannot make the beloved SUN cool but we can make the hot summer cool with a cool thought of loving and serving all.

Unlike other general people, our LAASA volunteers Ch. Laxmana Rao, Mr. Srinivas and Mrs. Parvathi and team got a spontaneous idea like the crow dropping pebbles in the pot. They immediately dropped their thoughts of pebbles into the pot of LAASA, the water of love raised and reached the needy.




We the people of Narasannapeta of Srikakulam District have identified the basic need of quenching the thirst of people on the roads in this hot summer. We observed people suffering a lot and unable to get proper water and cool liquids that can suppress their hot feel of summer. We desire to distribute buttermilk and water to thousands of people at Govt. Degree College Jn., Narasannapeta, Srikakulam District.

This is what we desire for…


Volunteers of LAASA:

The foundation is flourished with the beautiful service motto of our young volunteers who loaded their guns of heart with bullets of love. We at LAASA, every moment and every minute try to mesmerize our hearts with humanity filled thoughts that what the actual feel of love is meant.

Each day the cool summer water and buttermilk distribution camp is serving about 1800 thirsty people. It is the magnificent and marvelous credit of our beloved volunteers – not only these three, but hundreds of volunteers behind the screen.

Each activity is a clap – the right hand is the doer – the left is the unseen hundreds of volunteers.

LAASA is proud of such all noble souls where we have faith and hope that we can rise like the sun that never sets down.

Love is the Ray and serve is the way.