Sometimes, its the help from the smallest, that keeps the tree upright, the building straight, the foundations strong. Its what even stopped the Leaning Tower of Pisa from falling; even though leaning, better than falling..

We see that examples in our every day life. One of the best examples, in the most recent time, was that displayed by our esteemed member – Krishna Murthy Moturu.

Krishna Murthy lives in Kowkur, a small place, in the district of Rangareddy, Telangana. A man with the will to do something good in this society, he came across Mallesh and his mother, begging on the road, which moved his heart beyond what words could describe.

The family are living in a very small rented room, in Kowkur, which comes under the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Their head of the family is an old man who is no longer able to work anymore and under the present circumstances, they have no way to earn… other than begging, which was where Krishnagaaru found them. And to sink their already heavy hearts, Mallesh is a mentally retarded boy. To say that this sight and knowledge moved Krishnagaaru would be an understatement and he knew exactly whom to contact.

Under the LAASA Foundation’s 100 day food programme, this family has been enrolled and they have gotten all eatables, soaps, oil and other required household items to cook and live, atleast for a month, so that they would be away, from the depths of their poverty, for at least some time. And we would be closely monitoring their situation to see if there is anything more we can do.

Its help at the grass roots level which is the most essential, in keeping the cogs of the machinery working, to remind us all, that we have to start low, in order to rise high, for we are the LAASA Foundation and we Love all and Serve all.